10 on 10, February {North Vancouver Photographer}

On the 10th of each month, this 10 on 10 blog circle will be sharing a slice of life in ten frames from one day. Kinda like a highlight reel to a Day in a Life of Project, but rather you get 12 of them, one for each month. February is about embracing the winter around us. Actually, we have to get up to the mountains for any snow; January has been such a dry month. The snow on the hills are crusty, dirty, and not all that fun to toboggan in. Nevertheless, we tried it anyway. I must say, the key to a first time successful toboggan ride with your kids has to be a snow-free face. As you will soon see, we learnt that through trial by error :). Once we figured out how to shield the girls’ faces from the flying snow, it made for a much better day for all of us! Note: snow flying into your face is NOT fun but throwing snow onto yourself IS. Ha! After a busy morning on the hill, we filled our bellies with some very tasty brunch (mmm….bacon…) and headed home for a nap for all of us tired souls.

Now please click over to Sherri and have a look at her 10 on 10🙂


  • Catherine M. said:

    Such fun images for your 10 on 10. It's hard to believe that you found snow from what we observed this past week. Love the ones of Janie throwing the snow in the year. And yes - snow in the face is no fun at all!

  • carrie said:

    Amazing action shots!!! Looks like a lot of fun (and super exhausting)! #2 is totally hilarious. That's a keeper for when she's older!

  • Jessica Thomason said:

    I love how this cold day ends with some warm bacon! I adore #2 hahahaha - these are awesome!

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