A Montessori Life Inspired {The Stanford Family}

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. How true this is of my friend and Janie’s Montessori teacher, Christie. New to the stay-at-home-mom gig a year ago, I looked around for preschools for Elliotte and this is how I met Christie. I remember feeling unsure if Montessori learning was the right choice for Elliotte but Christie was the catalyst for us diving in and never looking back. She’s so passionate about what she teaches because she was inspired as a young child receiving Montessori education and now want to share her love for the Montessori philosophy.

Shortly after we started at the school, we learnt that Christie was expecting twins. It is such exciting news, especially for someone who gives so much of her time and care to our children. She will get to experience the joys of parenthood herself!  This Spring past, her and her husband, Ted, were blessed with two boys, Parker and Robbie. She admits that being well-equipped with teaching theory is one thing but implementing it is another! But I truly believe that being a parent herself has simply made her a better teacher than she already is :).

In the few months of her maternity with Robbie and Parker, she realizes how quickly they’ve changed and with her mother, Cherill, visiting in town, she seized the opportunity to schedule a family session with her parents. Queen Elizabeth Park and the duck pond is the choice of location – it’s close to their home and also Ted’s childhood playground.

We started with some family group shots under the fall trees in the afternoon light.


Gosh, are the boys ever adorable with their blue eyes, red lips, and matching sweaters! Parker and his little fingers hanging on to daddy’s thumb. Robbie in mommy’s arms, being his usual cheeky self.


One of my favourites is of Christie’s dad, Rod, with the boys, one in each arm. Even though his mobility is limited, he was more than happy to trade his walking cane for his grand babies :).


As Rod stayed by the duck pond, soaking in the bustle of other families around him, we walked up the hill in search of more colourful foliage. A perfect bench for a little Daddy-Robbie time, and then it’s Grandma Cherill’s turn with them :).


As we walked a little further into the park, Ted remarked at how much time he spent here as a child – so many fond memories. I think there’s something fantastic in planting roots in a place so special to you and being able to show your own children the many secret hiding places that you’ve explored as a child.


Then we went to see about a yellow tree. A lovely path scattered with bright yellow leaves. Cherill is en route to vist Christie’s brother in Australia, who just had a baby boy; grand baby boy # 7 for her! What a wonderful life, being able to travel and spend some prolonged time with all her grandkids :).


Up until this point, Robbie has been the smiley silly baby and his brother has just been stone-cold Parker. I was determined to get a smile out of him. A little munching of his belly and chubby hands did the trick!


As we tried for a couple’s only photo, Ted and Christine couldn’t resist a little piggie-back for their boys…aah! I don’t know if I can handle the cuteness oozing out from this family :).


Then it was time to leave and check in on Rod. The sun has dipped low in the sky and the air turned cold. Ted was more than happy to wrap up the session – it’s game time for his team the Boston Red Sox :). Since this session, the Red Sox has gone on to win the World Series, again. So congratulations Ted, perhaps that image of the boys in their opening game gear should be a tradition ;).

Christie, thank you so much for this opportunity to capture your slice of wonderful life, for inspiring our family, and for igniting a love to learn for  our girls! For those of you who are interested in learning more about the infant and toddler Montessori Program, please check out Christie’s Aid to Life Education.



  • Catherine M. said:

    I love the images of Christie and her mom - what a gift to have them!

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