Baby Jordan, The Game Changer {The Dickson Family}

There are only a handful of families in my life that have four or more children. My dear friend, Jennifer, and her husband John, are one of those families. When I met her, she told me about her four boys. I have only girls, and only two. I can only imagine how much busier life’s logistics can be with more children and when it’s a house heavy with the Y chromosome, the energy levels are even higher. But that never seemed to shake her. She’s always calm (and for me, calming), and looking at the world around her with a wicked sense of humour. The little things don’t bother her, the big things – she takes them in stride. As I got to know her better, I realize how special of a person she is because even at the days when she is spent and stretched, she can always find more of herself if you needed her.

Even with four boys, Jennifer has always known she wanted one more. It didn’t matter the gender. The other parents would tease her that it was to try for a girl but truly, she just wanted one more to complete her family. When she announced her pregnancy, her friends were so excited for her – this is really going to happen! I think one of the most common questions she got was whether her and John would find out what the baby’s gender would be during her pregnancy. She held a firm “No” so we all had to wait patiently.

Finally, the day came when she packed her bags and headed to the hospital for her scheduled Caesarean section. We all awaited anxiously for the news that morning; then, finally: It’s a Girl! Yes, there were a few of us that cried happy tears :). Mommy and baby are both healthy! The boys in her family, John included, are over the moon about their new addition :).

I told Jennifer that I’m showing up with my camera once she’s settled at home with her baby. I couldn’t resist shopping for non-pink outfits for her girl and at her request, brought her some ready-to-bake cookies she’d been craving. The morning of our visit, I asked her if I could bring by some breakfast. She insisted on caffeinated coffee and that I shouldn’t even think about depriving her.

So meet sweet and perfect little Baby Jordan Alexis, one week old. She’s the game changer, the one that will soften the boys in this family :).


Jennifer, it will be so amazing to see how tender your boys will be with her. I’m so happy for you that you finally have your perfect little puzzle piece to complete this family so ready to love her! Thank you for letting me be your baby girl’s paparazzi for the morning :).



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