Bermuda, Bluebirds, and Boys

It’s November and long gone are the days where you can count on nice weather for a session. Sometimes, home is a good choice too. It could be because it represents a special place for your family, or that you’d like to remember what your house looks like years from now when you’ve moved away, or it’s easier because your children can just play here and you’d like to capture that. Regardless of the reasons, a session at home can be as special as one outdoors because it’s the subjects that matter :).

This family wanted just that – an in-home session. Karen and Jeff, and their two boys Jacob (8) and Adam (6), are part of the North Star Montessori community and had just moved to a new house in a wonderful neighbourhood. She said the reason for choosing this house is for its location: right in the middle of a small block where through-going traffic is few and far between, which affords her boys as much safe playtime as possible. As I drove up to their house, I saw a very gorgeous vintage (1963) Ford, painted in robin eggshell blue and I broke out into a big smile. Karen had asked me about using it for the session and I’m so glad we agreed to it! It is one very beautiful car, restored so very lovingly by the family. It had belonged to Jeff’s uncle and now they’ve adopted it :).

Karen answered the door with her beautiful smile, wearing a very cute preppy peplum sweater. She said she hadn’t had much time to think about outfits but thought blue might be a great tie in to the car’s colour. For someone who didn’t have much time she sure did a whiz bang job of coordinating her family’s outfits! She also mentioned that her boys would be much happier participants of this session if they were given the freedom to decide what they would do.

First on the choice list: stories written by Jacob. I couldn’t believe how amazingly detailed the storyline and character development were for Meowy the seal and all his adventures. I was so honoured to have been shown these stories and to meet Meowy in person.


Next we did some group shots in their living room that was filled with soft afternoon light. It looked out onto the front lawn and while we were getting some group shots (and being very silly at that), a couple of blue stellar jays were visiting the bird feeder hung on the maple tree. I can see how this would be a very ideal spot bird and critter-watching alike.


Then it was time for the roll out to the street with scooters, skateboards, and special wheeled toys. When Karen said they had vehicles of all kinds, she wasn’t kidding.  I got a real taste of what life would be like with boys: racing their toys around, climbing trees, playing sports in their driveway and quiet street. Karen stands street side, big smile on her face as she says, “My boys!”. Apparently, boys included Dad too!


Karen had a very special house number plate made up – one with a blue stellar jay on it. It’s quite fitting for this home and their love for birds and many things blue. Here they are, on their picturesque front porch.


Speaking of blue and a very photogenic subject at that, Karen, Jeff, and the boys climbed into the car for some pictures. What an amazing vehicle she is! The boys even got to sit the front seat, practicing for the (hopefully prolonged) time when they get their learner’s license :). I think Jacob’s got the facial expressions of a cool teenage driver down pat!


Then the light changed as the sun lowered. We headed for the backyard for the final round of group shots. Gosh, it was just getting golden through the trees. It’s no surprise that this batch from the session is a close favourite to the ones in the vintage bluebird. As Karen and Jeff cuddled in for their couple-only pictures, I got to hear the story of how they met in Bermuda many years ago. Two Canadians working out of country and the moment she met him, she knew he was the one for her. It’s heart warming to hear how their paths have come together in the most unexpected of circumstances and to see how lovely things have unfolded for them. The boys and their brotherly sweetness just shines through – it goes to show how much they are grounded by their parents’ love.


Thanks so much, Karen and Jeff, for letting me capture these wonderful moments with your family. I adore your boys – they always make me smile when I see them in the halls or when I get a chance to visit their class. I can’t wait to see what your 8-image Christmas card will look like!



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