Letter to My 4-year Old Girl

My dearest little girl Elliotte, it’s hard to believe you came into this world four years ago. It’s no surprise that it has simply flown by. Your birth was unexpectedly fast, more manageable than I thought, and filled with pure joy and amazement. I’ll say this. You, my dear daughter, COULD NOT WAIT to come into this world. Upon catching you in my arms, despite Daddy thinking I’m nuts just mere seconds ago when I told him you were coming, I knew our lives would be forever changed for the better.

You’re our Honey, our Ellie-bear, our little Bao Bao, our Sunshine. You were a sweet baby that we could not take our eyes off. You played happily, you slept well, and you hardly cried. The only challenge was food and it started with nursing and it hasn’t really stopped. We’re lucky if you get a good meal in you a day. Top that off with inheriting your daddy’s metabolism (along with everything else), you’re our skinny minnie.

You’re our smart cookie. You mastered block puzzles at 18 months and you could speak sentences at 21 months. We often get feedback from other parents of how your language has developed so early, and we beamed with pride. And now you’re practicing your letters all of your own volition and completing sticker art-by-numbers. Recently, you just started to sound 3-letter words!

You’re our world traveller. Road trips to Oregon, around California, Ontario and Quebec, the big flight to Hong Kong and Malaysia. You always sleep well, and when you get tired, that familiar strand of hair gets-a-twirling and you’re good to go.

You may be all Daddy on the outside, but you’re a lot of Mommy on the inside. You love to craft, you can spend hours cutting up paper, drawing houses, sunshine, flowers, letters, all for your family and friends. You love all things girly and princess. Dresses are your choice of daily outfits, both casual and princess. You plead to wear your most glitter-filled dresses, especially when the floors are already dirty. If you had a chance to wear make-up, earrings, and nail polish, you dive in and not look back. Your teenage years should be a whole lot of fun for us :). But it’s not so much these things that make you like me. It’s that you’re dramatic, sensitive, passionate, emotional. Baby, your heart just feels more. You’ll see in time that it’s not a fault, but a blessing.

You give us kisses and hugs throughout the day, and even after a whole day of Mommy, you still cling on at bedtime like you haven’t seen me hardly at all. You are goofy and silly and we love the way you giggle with your belly and your eyes get so small they become slits (like your Daddy 🙂 ). You stomp your feet and cross your arms when you get mad and when you cry, big tears roll down your cheeks and that lower lip pouts and quivers. You forget your manners often. You like to use imperatives. You like to be the leader of the group. These days, you’d rather spend time with us than have an afternoon rest. As much as you adore your sister, you still love the undivided attention. We don’t blame you, you used to have it! You’re impatient and want immediate gratification (I think we’re a little to blame for that), although we are trying to instill “patience IS a virtue” slowly. You love your family immensely, to the point that you want them all to live on the same street as us. You love Kona but you also wish you had a cat. You like to bring something with you wherever you go. You leave cut up pieces of paper of your glued together drawings everywhere. You have a hard time understanding the words “clean up”. You’re cautiously brave, embarking on new adventures with encouragement and a little hand-holding. As much as you frustrate us with all your whining, repeated requests, not listening usually until we raise our voices, this is just par for the course of being the age that you are. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So for your fourth birthday you wanted a princess party and that’s what I did, well, in my own way. You said, “Mommy I want Disney princesses”, to which I said, “I don’t do cheesy Disney” and you insisted, “but I want cheesy!”. I didn’t invite a Disney princess for your party, but instead you got 15 of your girl friends dressed in their Princess favourites, fluttering about in fairy wings and tiaras, covered with glitter from head to toe. I hope it was all you had wished for. You were so excited you woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to bed! Like the words of Robert Munsch, from a book that makes you cry every time we read it, “We love you forever, we like you for always. As long as we’re living, our baby you’ll be.”.







Happy 4th birthday my baby girl, we love you forever and always.

Favourite things at four: music (especially the Sofia the First soundtrack and Cauliflower clouds), ballet, dress-up, mac n cheese, pho noodles, unagi on rice, riding your Ladybug run bike, the beach, the forest, my little Pony Princess Cadence, playing at home, watching Stella and Sam, and of course Sofia, Hello Kitty & blankie, weed the garden, building lego with Daddy, night-time cuddles and chats with us.






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