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Letters to our Daughters. August is for J, my 2.5 year old little girl, the baby of our family.

These days, you are in the height of toddlerhood. Here’s a series of accurate action words to describe you: (a lot of) crying, screeching (akin to that of a pterodactyl), hitting, kicking, saying “no”, whining (insert related action words here). I am at the end of my tether with you, at least a few times a day. You flip flop on your demands, refuse to respond to choices we give you, or when you do choose, your pick the poor choices. They say the reasoning mind is for preschoolers, but I KNOW you have one, because you’ve shown me you understand and can make the better choice. I also know you have words, clear ones, with “l” pronounced as “y” because of your thumb-sucking ways and gap front teeth. It doesn’t take much really to illicit that screech. I just have to do something that you don’t like; it can be as simple as turning off Octonauts, or telling you the thick polyester Anna princess dress is not appropriate for layering on top of your day clothes in summer heat, or that your mermaids and ocean toys cannot go into the swimming pool with you, or simply, refuse you snacks because you didn’t want your meals.

Good thing you’ve got reserves. 30 lbs and not yet 3. Your big sister was 30 lbs at 4 years old. So you skip a meal or two, we’re not losing sleep over it. Good thing you make me laugh when you deliberate on your “l” pronunciation so that you don’t say “y”. Good thing you make the best cannonballs into the pool. Good thing you have the most infectious happy screech. Good thing you come up to me and say, “are you happy, now?” when I’m just done my spazz. Good thing you are beyond adorable even when you’re crying, because you make that most perfect japanese anime cry mouth. Good thing you are all ours, all mine.

As much as you drive me crazy, so crazy I scream out loud….but sometimes, so crazy, I don’t know if I should scream or laugh as the ridiculousness of the situation. Thank you my little bug, my Ga-Glanes, my baby, for making life always amusing and insane at this stage of your life!

silly sisters in front of umbrella wall in Tacoma north vancouver family photographer

girl crying, girl with magnifying glass, and girl sleeping and holding on to bag of pop corn, north vancouver family photographer

This project is one that I hold dear to my heart. It’s a project I do, not only for myself, but for my girls. The ones who will hopefully be reading (and want to read) this when they are older, or if they are lucky, mothers themselves. I hope the words that I share with them today will always bring them back to a place of unconditional love, especially during times of need.

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