Life, unedited. Take four.

We are currently in the Windy City for a little vacation. We had planned for this time off a while ago, meant for a road trip of sorts but when the ticket prices to Chi-town are so affordable and little J’s ticket is still free, we jumped at the chance. But it meant one thing – Kona gets left behind. August was supposed to be a great month for our first born. This road trip was to include lots of park and camping time, and later in the month, we are heading to a friend’s cabin on the island. And summer in Vancouver usually means lots of hikes and outdoor time. Ok, I shouldn’t feel too badly about this! But I have to admit after the girls came into our lives, Kona has gotten the royal boot down the hierarchy ladder. What used to be walks three times daily are now self-serve potty sessions out in our yard, one-on-one time with mommy on walks to get coffee are now listening to the buzz of our Nespresso at home, doggy park time is non-existent, and sometimes we forget to feed him (ok, rarely) or his water bowl is bone dry (unfortunately, this happens a LOT). Thank goodness our little pooch communicates well, as he clangs at his bowls to remind us, “Hey! I’m still here!”.

Recently, Kona just turned six. Forty-two in dog years. That’s practically on the edge of mid-life crisis. That’s probably what he’s experiencing, but not because of age, but because of our girls. His life has been turned upside down because of them. He grumbles when they yank at him, walk by his food bowl, hug him, scold him, ask for a kiss, and the list goes on. He pushes his food bowl all around the house and spills the kibble on the floor and down the vents. When we’re out and he gets left behind, he finds the bathroom garbage and tears it all to shreds and scatter the bits around the floor. After a nice grooming or a shower, he licks his chest until it gets right crusty, usually timed for middle of the night when his incessant licking is echoing through the silent room, and surprise! Wakes us up. When leashed, he can’t walk on the right side of the person to save his life. When the front gate is open, he takes off for a while to check out the neighbourhood, until (many) minutes later, we realize he’s gone and have a mini heart attack about him crossing busy streets and getting run over, and proceed to yell across the blocks for him like crazy folks.

Truth be told, despite all his idiosyncrasies, he’s one of the best decisions we’ve made together. He is loyal, loving, cuddly, quiet when he needs to be, and excited when he’s out with us. He’s got the best eyelashes, and gives the best smiles, and the clincher for me is how much love is reciprocated from him. He follows me around the house, making sure he’s always in close proximity at all times. Any chance he gets, he’s up on the couch and cuddling into me. To Derek’s dismay, I’ve gotten into this habit of letting him sleep with us. He says, “A hundred dollar bed and he’s sleep in ours, really?!”. But then Derek also says, “It’s amazing how much this dog loves you.”. He might have picked Kona (I preferred his brother), but he’s truly my dog and I can’t imagine my life without him.

Please click onto my good friend, Catherine, and her Real Life instalment for August, and all the way through if you wish until you return here! Thanks for checking in :).










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  • Catherine M. said:

    Oh Felicia! I could have written this post about our poor Targhee! Love your images of your first born! I especially liked the first and last. For the life of me, I can't take a good picture of my all black, hairy beast. Needless to say, I was not a photographer at the time we decided on Portuguese Water Dog. But she has many other redeeming qualities! Ciao bella!

  • Gina said: you make me want a dog! Great entry.

  • Ana M. said:

    Beautiful dog and photos! Dogs are the best! I so love our dog and what she brings to our lives.

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