North Vancouver Family Photographer | 10 on 10 {Day in a Life, July}

On the 10th of each month, this 10 on 10 blog circle will be sharing a slice of life in ten frames from one day. Kinda like a highlight reel to a Day in a Life of Project, but rather you get 12 of them, one for each month. I’m so happy to share this month’s from our trip to Boston, a city where Derek spent 4 years of life while pursuing his dental degree. We had arrived late the night before and July 1st, we celebrated Canada Day Boston style. We spent the morning at the children’s museum with another fellow CM’er, Nicole Crane, and her beautiful girls. The tunnel and water works room was definitely a hit (Janie of course had to climb through the tunnels). We lost Janie for a bit until we had found her burying her hands in one of the drawers at the insect and animal specimen room. Then our gang headed to Quincy Market for lunch and Derek took a quick shot of Nicole and I. It wouldn’t be a CM meet up without a photograph to commemorate the occasion! After saying our goodbyes so that Nicole can drive back to Connecticut (yes, she packed up her girls and drove all the way to boston!), we walked around the city, through the Commons and Public Gardens and visited Derek’s old apartment on Beacon Street. The walls of ivy reminded me of my friend, Sarah’s experience with one of her sessions, so naturally I had to stop and make Elliotte pose. This is her “fix your face” expression for you, Sarah :). After a fish and chips dinner, we strolled along Storrow Drive, taking in the nice evening breeze after a hot, humid day. A stop at the playground allowed Derek and I to play with the idea of walking to the Red Sox-Cubs game already underway at Fenway Park. It’s 845pm at this point but hey…we’re on holiday and sort of still on west coast time. So we walked to the game and a sweet elderly man at the gate let us in for free to catch some of the 6th inning. We stayed for the 7th inning stretch and then it was really time to head home. A long walk back through Beacon Hill with ice-cream in hand was a lovely way end the first day of our vacation :D. 


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