North Vancouver Family Photographer | 10 on 10 {Day in a Life, June}

On the 10th of each month, this 10 on 10 blog circle will be sharing a slice of life in ten frames from one day. Kinda like a highlight reel to a Day in a Life of Project, but rather you get 12 of them, one for each month. I’m so happy to share this month’s from this past weekend.   We spent the entire day out, we didn’t even head home for nap time for J….sometimes we like to live dangerously! Morning was a bit of a blur…no milk, no latte…aaah! Then we headed out to the park with a Farmer’s market next door. In an attempt to nap the girls in the car, we drove a long ways to another park. Funny enough, E slept and J didn’t! Urgh! And it was all worth it because we hung out at the beach and found me a lovely field of lupins, to which I developed a pretty wicked hive reaction to BUT got one of my favourite images in a while of my girls together. BIG pay off for little pain and itchiness! And then the day ended with a lovely bowl of yummy japanese ramen and beef tatami and tuna yukke in a new restaurant we tried out (Sorry, no image here – the food went to fast into my tummy, I forgot to pull out my camera). Definitely going back!

Now please click over to my very talented friend, Allison Shellaway, and have a look at her 10 on 10.20140610-9-320140608-5561-2

  • Catherine McAteer said:

    Love that last one! I've missed you :)

  • Jana O'Flaherty said:

    Yikes to the hives, boo to not grabbing a shot of that dinner, and I am in love with all the photos <3

  • Allison Shellaway said:

    Oh that field is GORGEOUS!! And I adore the one of your daughter drawing in the sand. The earthy tones are so soothing.

  • Snappystreet Photography said:

    Beautiful images, just gorgeous! x

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