North Vancouver Family Photographer | 10 on 10 {Day in a Life, May}

On the 10th of each month, this 10 on 10 blog circle will be sharing a slice of life in ten frames from one day. Kinda like a highlight reel to a Day in a Life of Project, but rather you get 12 of them, one for each month. I’m so happy to share this month’s as I shot them just today (NOT a procrastinator!)!  As I’m going through my Day in a Life today, there are just a few more that I want to sneak in for this month, because, well, my girls are just so very cooperative today :). Now please click over to the very talented Davina and have a look at her 10 on 10.

 Told you, they are cooperative today :). Who doesn’t want to have a face in the camera like that?!20140509-7922

I can condition the bottle onto her hair and she’d still wake up with an extra head beehive. But this is how I usually find her when I open her door in the mornings. Books and toys pulled into her crib and she’s just content reading and playing.
20140509-7966While I get J out of bed, E is thrilled with the lined notebook surprise I left for her overnight and begins to practice her cursive.20140509-7981These days I have to negotiate to even change her diaper. Ocean animals always do the trick!20140509-7988“I do it”.  Yeah, go right ahead and see how far you get.20140509-8004Picking up some lovely flowers from my favourite florist for a special friend who just had her third girl :). xo, Alyssa!20140509-8024E so happy to have a play with one of her besties, Ella, and thrilled to show me her Mother’s Day surprise she made in class. Sometimes I feel like I have a perpetual rain cloud over me….lol!
20140509-8045Pre-nap story time. Love me some toddler toes!20140509-8075Waiting for some yummy Malaysian food. OMG. I can’t get over the light on her and best of all, her expression when the BIG shark ate the teeny tiny shark. 20140509-8115Post dinner gelato….who knew fruit flavours can be this colourful!20140509-8137Daddy’s much more successful at getting her to potty than I am – he knows the best bribes (watching the airplanes land and take off at the St. Maarten airport – yeah, I know right?!).20140509-8161The GUP A is a frequent member at our indoor pool. I think Cap’n Barnacle has VIP status.20140509-8202A little cuddle and hand holding while we read bedtime stories (Sofia & The Floating Palace, for the hundredth time!). 20140509-8223

  • Jana said:

    Love love love those pics Felicia! I hear a ton of 'I do it!' around here too lol!

  • Alyssa Barrie said:

    As always beautiful photos capturing the special little moments! The flowers, visit and yummy treats were appreciated! I'm always amazed at how much you do each day!

  • Allison Shellaway said:

    Such a great series! I love your captions, too. They feel like such a sweet little glimpse into your life. :)

  • Christine said:

    That card! And the sharks. So sweet.

  • carrie said:

    What a great series! Looks like a wonderful day! I know all about negotiating to change a diaper!

  • davina said:

    I love that your girls cooperated for this series. They are so completely adorable. Love the close up and the way you capture all the little things, that really end up being big things down the road. So many memories captured here -- and beautifully!

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