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I got an email from Cherrill a couple of months ago, asking if I would be available to photograph a family reunion. Cherrill is the lovely mother of my friend, Christie, and I first met her at Christie’s family session last fall. At that time, Cherrill was in town visiting Christie and her family and cuddling her grandsons, en route to visiting her son in Australia, who just had a baby boy. It was during that time that Christie told me that all the grand babies in Cherrill’s family are boys. All eight of them! So when I read Cherrill’s request to have all of them (but one) be photographed because getting family together from all around the world is rare, I jumped at the chance to do this for her.

Weather could not have turned out better that spring morning. It was sweater temperature. No bulky jackets needed :). Cherrill chose the gorgeous location of Kitsilano beach with the Vancouver mountains and skyline in the background. Seven boys were present: four are between ages 10 and 17 years and three are under 1 year old. The boys had been spending time together the past week or so and the babies have shown affinity for their older cousins so the pairing began. As the session continued, and the babies were getting passed around between the older cousins, it was evident that they were all pretty comfortable with each other and how great and engaging and nurturing the older ones were with the younger ones.

We had a bit of fun on the logs, the older boys looking handsome, posing so well. However, my favourite moment to capture is of the three babies on the beach. One was tired and crying from a short nap, the other empathized and cried along, while the third thought he would give sand a taste! I must admit I did a bit of chuckling while editing those images :D. So here they are, all seven of them, loving on each other!

Thank you Cherrill for asking me to do this for you. I had so much fun and I can see how much you adore these boys, all of whom have much love in the their hearts for each other and for you!



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