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Letters to our Daughters. This project is one that I hold dear to my heart. It’s a project I do not only for myself but for my girls. The ones who will hopefully be reading (and want to read) this when they are older, or if they are lucky, mothers themselves. I hope the words that I share with them today will always bring them back to a place of unconditional love, especially during times of need.

June is for J.

At almost 2.75 yrs, you are in full throttle for toddlerhood. You are learning how to exercise that lovely will of yours and no amount of reasoning can temper that. You are so proficient at talking, we can almost carry a conversation with you. It’s short but it’s a convo :). For life to be sweet for you, it’s a pretty simple recipe. You delight in bugs and worms, you love the outdoors and getting right into the dirt, the sand, the water, the plants. You LOVE anything to do with the ocean, there’s no leaving home without a bag pack full of your sea creatures, which you take great joy in showing, but not sharing, with others. Mermaids are a great hit and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read Ariel and the Shark Surprise, or Doc McStuffins’ Get Set to Get Wet, or the Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson. It’s been such a frequent request I’ve had to hide them while you weren’t looking so they become out of sight, out of mind. You always want to open the door, any door, no matter the size. You always ask to sit in your sister’s car seat. You hit her (lots) when she doesn’t let you have your way, or deservedly, when she grabs things from you (just because you had your eye on it first). You’ve stopped sucking your thumb during the day and we’re working on a band-aid solution at night. Sometimes when we forget to put it on, it’s a pruny left thumb in the morning. You’ve fallen so many times and are proudly collecting those bruises and scraps on your legs and that left front tooth is slowly dying from your falls (it’s looking a little blue these days). You are a rough and tumble, brave, stubborn girl that has my heart. Our attachment is strong, my girl, and I know you just have to use that sweet voice of yours and throw in “pwweeease mama?” after anything you ask, and I fold. I love the way you squeeze me tight and kiss me gently when we say goodnight and still cuddle when you’re tired. I don’t think I can ever get enough of you.

These photos are taken a few days apart.  The way the wind catches your hair as you sing Ten in the Bed, the funny wave you have, the mischievous look when you know you’re not to go deeper into the water, the way you shut your eyes so tight when playing hide and seek, and those poor, poor worms getting your tight squeeze of love.  You are so beautifully perfect, just the way you are. You fill my bucket, through and through, so thank you for being that very special you.


This blog is part of a circle of talented, beautiful and soulful mothers that take the time to share their love for their children through images and words. I’m so happy to be part of it with them so please do continue on to see my dear friend, Vironica, and her letter to her son.

  • Jana O'Flaherty said:

    Oh Felicia this just melts my heart - truly beautiful <3

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