Vancouver Birth Photographer | Hospital Session with Baby Marli

Vancouver Birth Photographer | Hospital Session with Baby Marli

I witnessed the marriage vows of Paris and Graem a few years ago and now here I am photographing the birth of their first child, documenting the journey that goes from husband and wife to mom and dad. They chose not to find out the gender of their baby so this arrival is extra special. Paris and I had been keeping in touch about how her induction has been progressing and on Day 3, things were finally speeding up. The hospital birthing staff advised that baby would likely arrive the next day so I headed to bed restless, awaiting the call. I didn’t have to wait long as I received news of her dilation at 9cm at the early morning hour of October 30, 2014. I headed to Richmond General Hospital and when I arrived, I found Paris surrounded by her husband and family. Everyone had been so patient for the past few days and are now readying themselves for the final phase. Paris is her ever cheerful self, smiling and asking me how my girls were doing between her contractions. This final phase took a few more hours before push time but it is so evident that her birth support was extraordinary.

Vancouver Birth Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

Shortly past 4am, the pushing started. Paris was ready, you can see it in her eyes. After almost 4 days of induction and contractions, she’s digging deep and racing for the home stretch. Her dad watched quietly from a corner, pride beaming, as her mom constantly wiped her face with a cool cloth, sending all her strength and love to her baby girl who is about to become a mother herself. And then there’s Graem, who remained steadfast by her side.

Vancouver Birth Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

4:52am: the final push for baby – It’s a girl! Graem has won the baby pool :). And how perfect is she, as she laid on her mother’s chest, this new life breathing. In my opinion, the birth of a baby is a bigger love story to tell than that of a wedding. Yes, weddings are the classic love stories, and they tell the story of promises two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. However, births take that promise to a whole new level. It expands the very definition of their love for each other, to include this new person they have created together. This family’s love has just expanded infinitely.

Vancouver Birth Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

Vancouver Birth Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyI remember the first skin-to-skin and nursing for both my babies. The feel of their newborn skin on mine, to soak in their marvel and beauty while they lay beside me. This part of the journey of birth has such a special sweetness to it and next to the arrival, it is one of my favourite moments to capture.

Vancouver Birth Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

Congratulations Paris and Graem! Baby girl Marli is your miracle and I am so happy that she made you parents! Thank you so very much, for letting me photograph this incredible milestone in your lives.

Felicia Chang Photography specializes in birth, newborn, and family photography in Vancouver, British Columbia and surrounding areas including but not limited to North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

  • Jennifer Vititoe said:

    A beautiful story with beautiful images!

  • Kristy Brisson Dooley said:

    Amazing Felicia! You documented the emotion of the day so beautifully. <3

  • Jana O'Flaherty said:

    Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I love the shot of baby brand new on her mama's chest <3 Gorgeous and so much emotion!

  • Kate Densmore said:

    Does it get any better than this?!?!?! What an incredible thing to have witnessed through your photographs. Congrats to the new mama! <3

  • Susy Martinez said:

    Wow this is an amazing birth story and beautiful photos captured of this life changing moment! Love them all!

  • Candice Morneau said:

    beautiful series of images Felicia! I love those skin to skin shots <3

  • Catherine McAteer said:

    Beautiful job Felicia! What a beautiful birth!

  • Sandi Farrell said:

    Beautiful birth session! I know this family will treasure these memories. Makes me want to have another baby and fly you down here!

  • Crystal Satriano said:

    So beautiful! So much emotion. I'm sure the family will cherish these for a lifetime.

  • Danielle Bopp said:

    Wow these are gorgeous photos! I get the honor of photographing my first birth and these are beyond inspirational. The raw emotion is amazing and the moments captured are ones many times moms miss wile in the moment of birth. This mama is amazing, congrats to her and her family.

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