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Two years. That’s how long I’ve been in the photography business. Really, I’m just a rookie but I’ve learnt so much, mostly about myself. Along the way, I’ve fluctuated between extremes, from impassioned artist focused on creating the next best image, to moments of frustration related to running a business. And here is the ugly confessional – some days, I’ve let my business take precedence over everything, even my family. I’ve been so focused on developing my client base and delivering the best product, that I’ve given more time and energy to this pursuit than to my family and the reasons why I chose to be a stay-at-home parent.

All of this really hit home when an experienced photographer friend asked me a couple of poignant questions: (1) what is your definition of success and (2) with your current business approach, do you think it will be sustainable long term? I realize she’s not necessarily asking questions related to business profit. She’s asking me to think about the value of my time as a mother and wife, and how much of that I’m willing to contribute towards my business, and what that time is worth. She’s prompting me to think about what I want my business to provide for me personally. It’s taken me some time to get here, where I’ve concluded that success is not all wrapped up in the number of shoots I have per fiscal year, but in my ability to create meaningful family photographs for myself and for others, while keeping my role as a mother and wife as priority. So I’m putting my big girl pants on and taking a step towards creating an approach that I believe will be more sustainable over time, both for business’ sake, and for myself personally.

This is a big scary step which has required much courage, but here I am, raising a glass to my idea of what successful sustainability can be like! I have recreated my website as a way to share with you stories of family life that have inspired and moved me. Images that represent not what family or newborn or birth can look like, but what they can feel like: simplified and raw, tethered to love and chaos. I have increased my pricing and changed my product collections to carry more long term meaning to families that I photograph, with the hope that they will understand and see the value too. I sincerely hope you will take the next step of this journey with me.

To commemorate this, here comes the fun part! I have decided to do a contest to give away ONE FULL FAMILY SESSION in the form of a FUSION SLIDESHOW and a COFFEE TABLE BOOK ALBUM with all the images from the session, a value of $1,500. Just fill in your ideas for an authentic family session in the comment field below as: Please come and photograph my family __________. (e.g. Please come and photograph my family building our tree house in the backyard or Please come and photograph my family at our cabin on Pitt Lake). The prize will be awarded to my most favourite idea, so get creative :)! Please take note that if there are travel fees required for your session, you will be responsible for them, unless I already happen to travelling there anyway, then we’re good! This Giveaway will close on July 7th, 2015 and the session will need to be claimed by June 30th, 2016.

Without much further ado:

Vancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography




  • Heather said:

    Please come and photograph my family leaving in our boat docked in deep cove en route to our family cabin of 25 years at the very end of indian arm. perhaps take a photo stop at beautiful granite falls as it's across from our cabin, jump in the water for a quick splash, or throw a fishing line off our cabin dock. Lots of fun to be had, especially with our 4 silly kids!

  • Kimmy said:

    Please Come and photograph my mom as she spends her day (and every day) with my dad at the hospice.

    • Jasmine Halladay said:

      Please come and capture my family having a sunset picnic at our favorite dog beach in Lions Bay on the spectacular Howe sound. We will feed you and the sunset will feed your soul. :)

  • Liesel said:

    Love this Felicia! Such a fan of your art and cannot not enter...
    Please come and photograph my family kayaying and enjoying a picnic after. We will totally rent a kayak for you too, obviously :)

  • Marlas said:

    PLEASE come and photograph my family as we embark on transforming my partner's family home (built by her parents) into a next generation modern home for our kids to grow up in. I'm sure there will be lots of surprises, laughter, tears, sweat and hopefully an end result that will hold a lifetime of family memories! We'd love to have memories of how the house is now and how it will change over the course of 3 months to fit our family. Our architect is almost done so we're almost ready!

  • Kara Lavers said:

    Please come and photograph my family as we continue our love of hiking especially on the north shore. We got engaged at Mount Everest, made it to the top of Kilimanjaro and now can't wait to take our son on our next adventure together!!

  • Nadine said:

    Please come and photograph my family doing one of out favourite summer activities, camping. We will put you up in a hotel .

  • Krystal Hendricks said:

    Please come and photograph my family as it adds a new addition! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and would love someone to capture my daughters meeting for the first time!

  • natalie lai said:

    Please come and capture my son meeting his baby sister for the first time. He is so excited about her, our rainbow baby.

  • natalie lai said:

    Please come and capture my son and his new baby sister for her first Christmas together with us

  • Kari Johnson said:

    Please come and photograph my family; really, my mom and her granddaughters (4 months and 12 months) before she starts chemotherapy and radiation this month. I know she'd love to have photos of her and her granddaughters before she loses her hair (she has always been so proud of her salt and pepper hair. When I was young and asked her to dye it, she told me it made her look "distinguished".) :)

  • Alicia said:

    Please come and photograph my family as we walk the sea walk enjoying our ice cream :)

  • Heather Lill said:

    We'd love you to come and take pictures of our renovations of our family home. we're adding a suite so that we can help out with my mom's (unfortunately) deteriorating health. It would be an amazing gift to give our five month old to have pictures of her and her grandmother to look back at one day.

  • JLF said:

    Please come and photograph our family as we say goodbye to all our favourite spots in Vancouver, in order to make the move to SE Asia to start a new chapter. We'd love to have 'here' and then 'there' pictures - would be willing to chat about getting you 'there'!

  • Kimberley said:

    Please come and photograph my son and I having a water balloon fight at the park. I'm a single mom and don't have many pictures of us together!

  • Erin said:

    Please photograph our family. Its been four weeks today that we lost our 4month old Sterling. I am so upset we didn't get a chance to do a family shoot while he was here and now know how important it is to do.

  • Julie said:

    love your work, felicia. documentary photography pulls at my heart strings too. Please come and photograph my family (Me, husband, and 2 kiddos) having a fun night out at Playland - we'll treat you to all the rides, games, and mini donuts your heart desires! ;)

  • How can I not enter? I love your work and you know my heart is documentary photography as well!! Please come photograph me teaching my toddler how to make messes!! Finger painting, baking cookies, and splashing in the kiddie pool (his favorite place to be)

  • Anna said:

    Please come and photograph my entire family. It would fulfill my moms greatest wish. She is caring for my father who has Alzheimer's and your beautiful photos will help preserve what little memories he has left.

  • Ally said:

    Felicia you are awesome!! Please come photograph my family playing together, eating together and loving each other. I just want to capture the essence of us, with me in the photos instead of taking them. I want this memory for my kids and selfishly for me too.

  • Andrea said:

    Please come and photograph my little family having chocolate croissants for breakfast, biking in Pacific Spirit Park, hitting balls at the golf course, riding our bikes to the store, Baking cupcakes, having a bbq on our deck, playing baseball in the backyard and snuggling on the couch after a long, happy day! It would be so lovely to be in
    the frame with my family, rather than viewing our life behind my camera. :)

  • KIM BAKER said:


  • Karen robertson said:

    Please come photograph my family playing in the backyard....we love to play soccer, blow bubbles, play in the mud with trucks, play on the swings.

  • Emma gibbons said:

    I would love for you to come photograph my family - we immigrated ten years ago and now have three children. For the first time ever my parents and my sister and her family are coming over altogether to visit us- so for the first time my parents will have their daughters and all six grandchildren together in Canada! We would love for you to capture this moment against the back drop of showcasing our north vancouver lifestyle (eg hiking in Lynn canyon, playing at west van beach and enjoying treats at the local coffee shop). Thank you :)

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