Vancouver Family Photographer | Letters to our Daughters, December

Vancouver Family Photographer | Letters to our Daughters, December

This project is one that I hold dear to my heart. It’s a project I do, not only for myself, but for my girls. The ones who will hopefully be reading (and want to read) this when they are older, or if they are lucky, mothers themselves. I hope the words in these letters that I share with them today will always bring them back to a place of unconditional love, especially during times of need.

This is the last letter for the year of 2014 and it’s only fitting to reach the finish line of this wonderful project with both girls. Other than decorations in the house, it hasn’t been feeling at that festive because our lives have been in a bit of an upheaval lately. Then the thought of this month’s letter gave me the best reason to break through that. I am determined to infuse a little christmas cheer in our home, starting with the decoration of a gingerbread house with left over Halloween candy. Here’s the recap of some golden moments:

When icing dripped onto the rug, onto the table, or on their hands and faces, E would say, “it’s ok, getting messy means we’re having fun!”, to which J replied, “Yeah! We’re having fun!”.

Each of you got one side of the house…it was pretty easy to tell whose side belonged to who.

I had 5 bowls of coloured candy, and only one bowl was “allowed” for eating. You girls are truly Daddy’s daughters because even that bowl of smarties didn’t get emptied!

Hot chocolate has to be luke warm before being consumed. It also has to have just as much hot chocolate as there is whip cream for E, although the hot chocolate would not even be touched. J on the other hand, “Whip cream? No thanks.”. Belly full of cold chocolate suits you just fine.

As much as you didn’t like whip cream, you obliged your sister by trying it, and thought it was hilarious to “cheers” with your whipped cream finger, and together sing “It’s a marshmellow world in the winter, when the snow comes to cover the ground. It’s a time for play, it’s a whip cream day!”. For mommy, perfection of this time is achieved by simply capturing the good time you are having, sipping my hot chocolate, and putting back more home made shortbread cookies than I really should! Thank you my lovies, for reminding me of the simple things to delight in! I love you both so very much and am grateful for your constant inspiration.

Vancouver family photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyVancouver family photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyVancouver family photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyVancouver family photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

Please continue on the blog circle and read the wonderful letters and see beautiful pictures that accompany them! Next up is the talented and beautiful Cynthia Dawson, and her letter to her babies.

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