Vancouver Family Photographer | Letters to our Daughters, October | Thick as Thieves

Vancouver Family Photographer | Letters to our Daughters, October | Thick as Thieves.

This project is one that I hold dear to my heart. It’s a project I do, not only for myself, but for my girls. The ones who will hopefully be reading (and want to read) this when they are older, or if they are lucky, mothers themselves. I hope the words that I share with them today will always bring them back to a place of unconditional love, especially during times of need.

October is for both my girls, thick as thieves. They come up with crazy ideas and travel to another world together with their creative imagination. They want to enjoy the excitement together, hand-in-hand. They explore the unknown with the strength of each other’s presence.

They are “sassy, bossy, silly, fussy,

fight over nothing’ers, dream sharers,

secret keepers, fit throwers,

pretty and sweet, a tea party with treats,

an enemy, a best friend,

a conversation without end”.

No matter what state they’re in, I hope they always remember that together, their hearts will endure any ache that comes their way and their cups will be fuller when their joys are shared.

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