Vancouver Family Photographer | Life in Black + White – September

Vancouver Family Photographer | Life in Black and White – September

This month’s feature for Life in Black and White is a rather unpleasant subject for my little E. Turning 5 did not come with great resilience. We tried to explain to her that all school-age kids are encouraged to get their vaccinations but alas, the pin-prick could not be tolerated. She screamed through the entire clinic, from the time she saw the doctor prepare the vaccine to a good few minutes after the 15 seconds of hell for her was all over. The lollipop did help a little :).
school age vaccination dad comforting daughter after shotslollipop for shots

Please click on over to look at my fellow B&W contributor, Jen, and her version of Black & White.

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  • Melissa Beach-Breul said:

    Aww poor sweetie! That last one really hits you with how she is feeling. <3 <3

  • Jenn Martin Spangenberg said:

    Felicia! My heart breaks for both of you! You truly captured the raw emotion of this moment. Lollipops definitely help.....poor baby. I take my five year old later today for the same thing and I am NOT looking forward to it! Wish me luck!

  • Jennifer Reynolds said:

    Poor kid! You did such a good job of capturing this right of passage- it's traumatic and a milestone all at the same time.

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