Vancouver Family Photographer | Pieces of Life, December

Vancouver Family Photographer | Pieces of Life, December

This post is part of a project at ClickinMoms called Pieces of Life. Each month, a group of CMPro photographers will share a single image on the Group Project that is part of a larger story – a photo essay. I am in such awe of the talent that surrounds me for this project and truly encourage you to head over and check out the amazing stories that are sure to touch your soul.

The past month has felt like a Groundhog day on repeat. Due to a series of events, our family has been going flat out, stretched thin, exhausted. We needed a getaway to break us (temporarily) out of this rut, to return us to a little semblance of normalcy. We decided that as hard as it is to head south for only two days, we should try and uphold our tradition of heading down to Bellevue to get into the spirit of Christmas by experiencing their magical Snowflake Lane display. That was the initial idea for this month’s Pieces of Life for me. However, when the morning came, the light and mood in our hotel room moved me to pick up my camera. Normally, this would be nothing extraordinary about this particular morning, except for us this past month, not waking up to another grind of a day is extraordinary. Waking up in a simple hotel room, feeling like there’s a little break from the seemingly endless loop is just, well, out of this (current) world for me.

My three year old wakes up happy as a clam, looking out the window, taking in the world out there through her exploring eyes. She jumps on the bed, singing, “Good Morning Sunshine” to her still slumbering older sister, laying there apparently motionless, except for the little twirl of a piece of hair between her fingers. Finally she gets up, bed head in its finest form. They both wear the classic morning style well. Just to top off the extraordinary, I told them we can remain in our Pajamas and read some iPad puzzle books. They cuddle their lovies in their laps. It isn’t much but I think a little bit of holiday magic has taken place here.

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