Vancouver Family Photographer | Storytelling, 10 on 10 for Ordinary October

Vancouver Family Photographer | Storytelling. 10 on 10 for ordinary october.

My so very very ordinary october day, packed full of details from my seemingly one-child days, now that my oldest is in full day school. It sounds easier but I just pack more things into those (child) free hours. But never mind that, this day is about embracing the mundane details of my every day life. No trips, no treats, just this Tuesday.

Here’s my youngest, who is almost three and now very much enjoying preschool (her first week was R.O.U.G.H.). Montessori encourages them to try things on their own – it’s empowering, even if she insists on putting her shoes on the wrong feet every single time. My favourite part of drop off is watching her big sis guiding her through school, from making sure she focuses on coat hanging and shoe changing, to giving her a hug and kiss and “have a good day”. Melts my heart. | Vancouver Family Photos | | Vancouver Family Photos | Storytelling

I won’t bore you with the details of my work so we’ll move on to lunch. My little girl’s favourite way to style her jacket is to wear it like she’s Kenny from South Park, but blue. I can pick her out from a crowd because that hood is always on and hair underneath disheveled. Today she gave me very specific instructions about wanting a poppy seed bagel for lunch from the “bagel girl” from our neighbourhood Bagel store, and that she wants her blue chair between the two brown ones on the deck for lunch seating. It’s one child’s request…it’s easy, so I oblige. At near 20 deg celsius weather in early October, it’d be a shame not to be dining al fresco. | Vancouver Family Photos | | Vancouver Family Photos | | Vancouver Family Photos | StorytellingWhile we were outside, she found a little friend, missing a leg, unfortunately, but still friendly. She wanted to let it go free in the garden instead of keeping it for her sister later in the day. She’s got a big heart. | Vancouver Family Photos | StorytellingDon’t judge the fuel consumption on my car, but instead look at the warmth in early October! It registered 24 deg in my garage! It’s pickup time for big sis so off we go. | Vancouver Family Photos | StorytellingWhile big sis has her piano lessons, this one gets to play on the swing set at the teacher’s house. Who doesn’t enjoy a head rush from repeated swinging?? There are the most gorgeous red leaves from the trees in their front yard! She wanted to pick up and keep them (and then toss them all over the grocery store floor because this is the point she needs to let them go. Not later, NOW.). | Vancouver Family Photos | | Vancouver Family Photos | StorytellingAnd this last one…hints of my almost 3 year old, cheeks slightly chubby and flushed, in peaceful slumber with her favourite jammies with the light on. We try not to talk about being scared in the dark but we do let her know that if she can’t sleep and want to read or just need a little light, it is just right there for her. | Vancouver Family Photos | Storytelling

Now please head over to check out my fellow blog circle photographer, the incredibly talented Sherri from Sherri Davis Photography, to see what her highlight reel is for October!

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