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“There are no perfect parents, and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way”. ~ Dave Willis.

This is my first official half-Day in the Life for another family. I mean I’ve done Day in the Life projects for my own family and I’ve been shooting 1 to 2-hour long family sessions for a while now, and really it’s just another couple of hours right? Throw the fact that this is a session for a fellow photographer and long-time friend, whose work I admire so much, and who has been an incredible support to me, it begins a little more than unnerving to execute.

Catherine, of Cat McAteer Photography, and I chatted about a session for her family a few months ago. My little crew was heading out to Calgary for a road trip and it would be great timing to spend some time with her family, which I would have done anyway! We’ve often chatted about our girls and the challenges that come with having a young family, and trading ideas about our photography businesses. Now I can finally meet them and have the amazing experience of photographing their everyday beautiful life that I know will be unfolded ever so authentically in front of my lens.  So to hell with the nerves! I could not have asked for a more ideal family to capture my first Day in the Life session. So I dove in, and soaked up all their laughter, tears, chaos, comfort and most of all, the love that anchors them on this very day.

The Perfect Day – Catherine & Aaron

Felicia Chang specializes in family documentary photography, including newborns and births, in Vancouver, British Columbia. If you are interested in a family, newborn, or birth session, please contact her for more information. 

  • Catherine (CAt) said:

    Oh Felicia! How can I thank you enough for taking time out of your family vacation to do this for my family. We have been talking about these sessions so much and it means so much to me that our day in the life could be captured by you - so beautifully! i cried tears of joy watching my family's life flash before my eyes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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