Kind Words

cheryl + molly | family
My photo session with Felicia is the best gift that I have given myself since my boys were born. Her creativity, compassion, confidence and talent in photography produced a keepsake for me that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am deeply impacted by the photos and video that Felicia created for me because they so accurately and beautifully capture the richness of a day in my life. 

kim + steve | day in the life
tears…happiness…filling. Felicia, you are the most giving photographer. We can feel you in our documentary, which makes it even more special. The details you capture are perfectly poignant!! Wow! We cannot thank you enough, what memories! You got us! Looking forward to more time with you as we grow older and wiser!! We can’t stop watching. Thank you.

nicole + ryan, Nicole Broughton Photography | day in the life
As a documentary photographer myself I am picky about who takes photos of my family. I don’t want anything posed or unnatural so when we were in Vancouver for other reasons I thought I would seek out a photographer who was familiar to me, one who had instructed a class I had recently taken. Felicia was amazing to work with and worth every penny! My kids and husband didn’t even know she was there even though she was shooting our family at the fair. I was a bit distracted because I couldn’t believe that MY family was being photographed by THE Felicia Chang. But as motherhood would have it I wasn’t distracted for long, there were kids to tend to and fun to be had at Playland and as always my focus is on my family and giving my kids the best experience possible. The day was not perfect in terms of everyone’s moods, Zoe was hot and not impressed with the sticky heat, Liam had just contracted some horrible virus that left him covered in red spots, I was hobbling around 25 weeks pregnant and Ryan was, well done with the whole vacation by this point. Despite all of the factors that would have normally been a recipe for disaster in the photography world, Felicia captured us, just as we are, and while just about everything wasn’t perfect it was our reality that day. The photos she took made me realize that we are not only surviving these difficult, less than ideal days of parenting, we are finding a way to be happy in those days and enjoy each other. I would fully recommend Felicia as a photographer if you want reality and not just another smiley family portrait. She is laid back, personable and easy going which is easy to get used to when you are being photographed. Her artistry is unprecedented and I will cherish those images of my family in some of our most difficult days forever. We not only survived life’s challenges but we made the best of them and that is something to remember for always.

christine + jared | day in the life
Watched the video you made for us the other day and it had me thinking more. What you did was allowed me to see the beauty of our lives. The beauty of the everyday. This beauty IS happening every day but we are too IN it to SEE it. I knew it was there. I know it is there. And now as I’m going through my day(s) with my family I sometimes recall your images and remind myself how beautiful the everyday truly is and how lucky I am to have it. This is my family. This is us. On an “every day” sort of day. Without the gloss or sheen or shine. In all its glory. And ultimately, this is what I hope I can remember. This is what I want to look back on when the kids are older. When I wonder where all the time went. This is what I will wish back a million times over when our children are older and our house is quiet (and we are perhaps a bit better rested). Thank you for capturing it so well. For giving us something to look on and remind ourselves that these are those years we will always want back. You capture it so perfectly and I am so grateful. Thank you thank you thank you.

robin + graham | birth
With a second child on the way I tried to remember the overall experience of our first born and it seemed a blur of emotions, pain, relief, excitement and happiness of delivering a healthy son. We wanted to capture these same moments for the newest member joining our family and Felicia was the perfect match. The night was like nothing else, laughing and joking with us, then instantly blending into the background to capture emotions I remember experiencing but was not able to recall. Watching the birth of our beautiful boy I am instantly overwhelmed with memories of the day. The moment my youngest became my oldest is something I could watch on repeat. My only regret is not having a birth session for my first. We are truly blessed to have Felicia share our birth experience.

megan + johan | blessingway, birth, brunch
After three miscarriages, I wanted to celebrate this pregnancy with positive energy and intention. I wanted to introduce ritual and ceremony into my little girl’s life early on, and I wanted to create something that she could look back on and realize how much love and community surrounded her as she entered the world. When I first saw Felicia’s work, I knew right away she could help bring my vision to life because we are both storytellers. First, we invited her to document my blessingway, a ceremonial day that brought together the women who were most present during my pregnancy. Felicia felt like she had always been a part of my community. Second, my husband and I had our reservations about a birth story about a scheduled c-section but I am so glad we did this as it allowed me to re-live one of the most important days of my life, and to see the parts I missed. Somehow it made the birth feel more real. Finally, my family for our traditional Sunday pancakes in our family home. It was special for many reasons; we had Johan’s mom here from Sweden, Hanna was a bit older so we could see her personality shinning through, and my parents had recently sold their 100 year old house and I wanted to capture the feeling of my childhood home. Felicia wove these three pieces together into a seamless story, a video that makes my heart burst every time I watch it. It is the best gift I could have asked for, and I know Hanna will feel the same. 

kristie, Kristie Robin Photography | newborn + motherhood
I have no words….only many, many happy tears. Thank you, not only for capturing my life this beautifully, but for being persistent about me following through with this session. Forever grateful to you.

megan + jonathan | adoption homecoming
Our family recently returned from a 6 month visit to Africa where we had gone to adopt a little girl. When Felicia approached us about capturing our arrival back in Vancouver, I right away said “Yes!” as I had benefitted from some 1-on-1 instruction sessions that my friend had purchased from her last spring. Felicia was there to meet us at the airport, accompanying us on the car ride home and through arrival back in our home. She found the perfect balance of not being obtrusive but still ensuring that she captured all the key moments. Her pictures were fantastic and the video that she put together is simply amazing. Friends, co-workers, family—everyone has been impacted by her work and we now have this incredible memento of a very significant event in our lives. There was no “do-over” on this event and I’m so happy that we entrusted Felicia to capture it.

cassandra + tim | family film
Every time I watch it I notice something different. I always feel like I am missing out as I’m so busy organizing everyone. Like people say “enjoy your kids, live in the moment” but I can’t ever really do that. Or maybe those moments get lost in the chaos. But that video! I can’t stop watching it. Thank you so much. The best gift I will get this year.

jennifer, Jennifer Winder Photography | family session
One million thank yous is not enough. I LOVE these pictures. I LOVE what you captured. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

melissa, WALKUPtoME Photography | family session
Felicia came into my home to document my family one afternoon, it was pure bliss. The kids quickly connected with her and went upon their rambunctious afternoon not even caring that she was there. I was in awe when I received my portraits and the video was just perfection! My kids watch it over and over laughing at their silly selves, and I’m constantly reminded of how lucky we are despite the constant chaos of our daily lives! Thank you is just not enough Felicia!!

lorraine (Bobs & Lolo) + kavie | day in the life
Your photography is beautiful and real. What an amazing gift for my family, Felicia! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing these sweet and “perfectly imperfect” moments in our lives…so wonderfully.

heather + tom | family session
AHHH, IT’S SO AWESOME!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!! I’m likely going to watch it about a billion times today, thank you so much!

katie + andre | family session
I cannot describe how amazing that video was!!!  I keep watching it! You are a wizard!!!!

marnie + michael | family session
Felicia captured our family in a way that I had always imagined when working with a professional photographer. From the first time I came across her website, I knew she was the one to capture my family in photos. Her calm and encouraging demeanour helped our girls to be and act themselves so nothing was staged. It was a natural moment the was caught. She did her thing without distracting us from doing ours. The result was expertly produced photos that literally brought tears and an emotion of gratitude for her time with my little family.

catherine, Cat McAteer Photography | day in the life
Oh Felicia!! The tears are streaming down my face!  Thank you so much for showing us what our life looks like right now.  I am so incredibly thankful that we finally did this and am so glad that it was you that captured us. There is something about seeing your life through someone else’s lens that makes it so much more special.  There really is something more meaningful about “normal”.

linda | extended family session
I found Felicia randomly online for a photography session I was hoping to do for Mother’s Day in Vancouver. Since my mother is terminally ill, It was extremely important that the photographer be able to capture the day and document those memories to remember forever. I saw Felicia’s portfolio and my gut told me that she was the right person. The entire process was so smooth and easy. She arrived right on time and instantly bonded with all the kids and the entire family. I’m normally very uncomfortable in front of the camera but Felicia just has a way. The pictures we got back are stunning. Really, we were all crying when we saw them. I’m so happy that I followed my gut and found Felicia. I know you will be too. She is a gem!

kia + greig | family session
Oh my goodness, it’s hard to put into words how much your images mean to me and my family.  You captured the true essence of us as a family … our love, our craziness, our laughter, our chaos, our every day … these are the moments I never want to forget.  The memories I cherish and want to look at every day on my walls.  Honestly, I find myself speechless every time I look at them.  Words cannot thank you enough Felicia xoxoxo!

jae + lindsay | newborn and family sessions
My wife and I welcomed in Arthur and we hired Felicia to take some new born photos. The entire process from contract administration to delivery/quality of the final photos/album were all very professional. Reviewing the contract and reserving a time were all seamless and Felicia was punctual for the photo shoot. Felicia makes great effort to get to know your family and her natural ability to capture and document timeless family moments are what in my opinion differentiates her from all the other photographers. There are no poses, there are no props – we just go about our day and she has the uncanny vision to tell a story of our new life with her photos. I can’t thank her enough for her work. The moment I saw our newborn album, I reserved her again for another photo shoot while my parents made a visit. We highly recommend!

niamh + ciaran | newborn session
We have valued capturing special moments in our lives with photos. Most recently, our son joined us and Felicia spent a morning with our newly expanded family. The mornings format was that of our families routine, with Felicia snapping in between our conversations. The outcome was emotionally overwhelming for me. She managed to capture little moments that define us as a family but I would take for granted in the bustle of a day. I have no memory of her camera working at all in that time. Her images reflected the essence of us but with Felicia’s touch. I have been a fan of her pictures since she did my daughters school photo- and it glowed, not at all like a school picture. I will treasure these shots and am grateful for the reminder that every moment in our family is fleeting yet special and for capturing.

andrea + mike | family session
Felicia has an amazing way of truly capturing the essence of a family’s story. We had an in-home session with Felicia and I was extremely impressed with her ability to connect with our family. In the past, family photo sessions were always somewhat of a stressful endeavor. I always worried whether or not the children would cooperate and I would stress when they inevitability got bored and decided they were done with ‘posing’. I appreciate that Felicia fully embraces a philosophy that encourages families to ‘just be’. Within a couple of short hours, she was able to organically capture us as we are on a normal (good) day; happy, messy, fun, loving and chaotic. I can’t wait for our next session; I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a passionate and talented photographer.

lisa + landon | newborn session
After having a very positive experience with Felicia last fall for a mini session, we were honoured to have her photograph our family with our newest addition, 6 day old baby Henry. Felicia came to our house one morning to hang out and was the natural, receptive, caring and fun person she always is. In the meantime she captured, through some amazing photos, the essence of our family and stage of life we are at. She is truly gifted at telling a story through her lens.

susie + ryan | family session
Felicia you are amazing with your camera. You managed to capture those precious, yet fleeting moments embedded between the complete chaos that is our boys. I love how these photos almost jump off the page with movement! These are so genuine and truly represent our everyday world with Cam and Griff.  Thanks for keeping up with their non-stop boundless energy. We had a blast with you!