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I’m always preaching to my families – please PRINT your session images. Why? Because your beautiful life is worthy of display. Don’t just receive your digital images and let them live on a hard drive somewhere, forgotten over time. Use them to make a calendar, a newsletter, an album, for Christmas cards, for canvases, and very simply, for print on your walls. Well, I better practice what I preach right? So I got my butt in gear and ordered a bunch from my professional lab that I absolutely love.  They get the colours just perfect – the way they look on my computer IS the way they print, no blue or green or yellow or extra pink faces! I thought I would take some images of my home and share with you here. The girls’ playroom is a perfect place to display their images. I even took a photo of one of my all time favourite murals (a photographer kindly shared its location with me) – it’s just the perfect pop of whimsy and colour. The Oregon Coast is one of our favourite places as a family so this past trip south, I made sure I took some photos of the coast and edited them in Snap Art to give them a painterly feel and mounted them for my dining room and front hallway. Looking around our home and seeing this wall art brings us joy because it reminds us of the memories that we made together. wall art in your home, Felicia Chang Photography, West Vancouver Family Photographerphoto wall art, West Vancouver Family Photographer

photo wall art, West Vancouver family photographerPhoto wall art, West Vancouver Family Photographer

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