Vancouver Family Photographer | Urban Winter at the Quay

Vancouver Family Photographer | Urban Winter at the Quay

It’s early winter here in Vancouver and for this family session, it is a perfect day for getting into the Christmas spirit. This lovely foursome came prepared in their winter wear but it is unusually cold here and the kids are shivering a little so why not kick off our time with some hot chocolate to warm up? Before long, the cups ran empty, and now that we are fuelled by warmth and sugar, we headed down to Lonsdale Quay to soak in our beautiful urban city.

Before the session, this family thought we should incorporate an urban backdrop for a location. I must say they picked a pretty sweet spot, near the shipyards at Lonsdale Quay. I have been there several times with our girls and thought, wow, the architecture here is amazing! And did we ever have a lot of fun in that little square, running here and there, which definitely helped to keep warm. The snow that fell here from a few days ago has mostly hardened, save for a few flakes on the top that found their way into the air :).

Vancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyVancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyThe afternoon light was just perfect, the sun glistening off the water and all that glass around. I must say these two lovely siblings are the perfect subjects – all smiles and giggles and playful. I couldn’t help but tell their parents that their sweet children are making my job very easy. And to this, their dad said, “wait until you have to deal with the grownups!”. Well, I think everyone did extremely well!

Vancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyWhen I asked the kids, far from earshot from their parents, “hey, do you guys have a secret you can tell each other?”. This is what I get to capture. There was some serious whispering and mischief in their eyes. They were rather tight-lipped about the whole exchange, but that’s quite alright…some things need to be kept between them.

Vancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyVancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

When we wanted to get some portraits of just the two silly beans, their mom asked them to give each other some kisses and I just LOVE their respective reactions to that request!

Vancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyI remember asking mom to share what her family is like and she said, “we have a lot of fun together”. I think it’s pretty evident during this session! Thank you so much for such a fabulous time. Your warmth and sweetness for each other really made our time together thoroughly enjoyable!

Vancouver Family Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

Felicia Chang Photography specializes in family, birth, and newborn photography in Vancouver, British Columbia and surrounding areas including but not limited to North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

  • Casey Rucinski said:

    These are gorgeous - I love your style! The snow blowing photos at the top are awesome!

  • Kendra Martin Photography said:

    These are BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!!!

  • Lauren Aubrey Wilkie Ridge said:

    So cute! Love the images of the siblings.

  • Michelle Ladlow said:

    Beautiful images, such a lovely style

  • Renee Leveille Bielby said:

    Your styles is really really cool! and what a beautiful family!

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