My Style

Remember those days of fussing over what to wear for your annual family photo session and making sure your kids are well-behaved with bribed treats and rewards? Or having a partner who is dreading this time because they have to pose and smile for the camera?

Here’s the full confessional – I feel like a complete fraud when I try and pose anyone because that’s just not who I am. I’m that person, you know, the one who gives the unnatural camera-ready smile, whole body tensed and awkward, feeling like an complete doofus. I figured, there has to be others that feel just as uncomfortable about a posed session that has to look perfect. This is my alternative to family photography – the authentic way.

collage of documentary family session images

I believe with every fibre that my clients are families that see beauty in realness of everyday over perfectly curated images. The entire gamut of life’s of ups and downs, tears and joy, pain and love, and uncertainty and comfort, is what connects a family, and that is absolutely worth photographing. My clients are people that want an authentic visual diary of their family life, the way it is in that moment, like a time capsule of sorts. I want the images to have the ability to transport the viewer back in time, each frame carrying all the honest nuances of a story rich with layered details. I would rather capture the meaningful moments in a room with haphazardly (mis)placed things, than get the perfect pose and smile in a gorgeous location. When I get to hang out with families that understand that, the ones who see the value of capturing life the way it really is, the way you’ll want to remember them years from now, I know I have the best job in the world.

So my advice is – don’t wait to find the right outfits, to lose those extra pounds, for golden hour at the beach on a warm summer night, or fall leaves with no rain. Don’t get family photos because you want to look perfect in it – get in the frame with your family and document your everyday life so you can remember what it feels like to be present and how you embraced it, imperfections and all!

To book a session with me, simply contact me and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.